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Cvičenie so seniormi Our Senior Fitness Specialist Program is designed for fitness and health professionals who want to help people over 55 increase their longevity and boost their quality of life. Instructors of adult fitness programs at colleges and community centers, as well as personal trainers, health coaches, nurses, social workers and physical therapists can all use the expertise to deliver appropriate exercise programs that combat the effects of osteoporosis, arthritis and other age-specific conditions. • Adapt and deliver exercise programmes for older adults • Explore the physiological, anatomical and psychological changes of ageing • Identify the benefits of exercise for the ageing population • Identify the safe and effective exercises in relation to a range of medical conditions • Deliver adaptations and modifications for different conditions and abilities • Consider other aspects of working with older adults beyond exercise, including social interaction, nutrition and referral to healthcare professionals
  • Over 16 years old • Level 2 ETM or Gym Instructor or Level 3 Pilates or Yoga or equivalents • A minimum of three months teaching experience is strongly recommended.
  SENIOR FITNESS TEST MANUAL The Senior Fitness Test Manual, complete with an accompanying DVD, offers a comprehensive and reliable test battery for assessing physical fitness in older adults. You’ll learn to identify weaknesses that cause mobility problems, and develop exercise programs that improve functional fitness, prevent future mobility issues, and evaluate progress. Written by Roberta E. Rikli, Ph.D., and C. Jessie Jones, Ph.D., the text clearly states how to prepare and administer seven different assessments, and how to interpret results. ASSESSMENTS FOR SENIORS QUIZ Based on the Senior Fitness Test Manual, the 30-question quiz is delivered in the same convenient online format as our ACE Senior Fitness Specialty Certification Quiz. Gauge your knowledge of assessments covered in the text and how you can use them to identify weaknesses and evaluate progress. • 
experience working with the elderly/less able of any age • physiology • anatomy • nursing or caring • teaching • music/dance • sports/fitness With an ageing population, the requirement to work with older adults is becoming more prevalent; however there are additional considerations and necessities in doing so. This course provides fitness instructors with the qualification necessary to gain registration as an Older Adults instructor. On completion of this course, many instructors work in association with health and medical professionals to provide a full service to clients. The pre-requisite for this course is the Certificate III in Fitness – SIS30315. The course includes: • Assessing the capabilities of the older client • Principles of exercise programming for the older client • Emphasis on including social interactions as part of exercise planning • Physical and medical conditions associated with ageing 
Akreditovaný kurz
Kondičný tréner I. kv. stupňa BA v termíne
18.3. – 8.4.2017 VYPREDANÉ Akreditovaný kurz
Kondičný tréner I. kv. stupňa BA v termíne
27.5 – 17.6.2017 Najbližší akreditovaný kurz v rozsahu 50 hodín začína 27.5.2017 8:30 v Bratislave. Prebieha počas víkendov: 27. – 28.5.
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skúška je 17.6.2017 v doobedných hodinách Minimálny počet účastníkov je 8, maximálne však 16 ľudí. Cena za akreditované školenie je 299 €.